It was very gratifying to read that
Glow ‐ Scotland’s National Intranet wins United Kingdom & Ireland Regional Learning Impact Competition.
Glow, funded by the Scottish government and overseen by Learning and Teaching Scotland, is designed to support educational development and includes a range of communication and collaboration services along with teaching and learning tools all drawn together into a single portal environment.
Glow is the world’s first national intranet for education.
I was involved with Glow when it was Spark and then SSDN, way back in 2003, and still a twinkle in the Minister’s eye and I played a very tiny part in its early development so I feel particularly pleased that it should have such recognition. At the Scottish Learning Festival last week I heard teachers from Shetland and Glasgow describing their use of various aspects of Glow. I am a Glow Mentor for East Lothian and eagerly anticipating establishing Glow Groups both within my region and nationally to take forward this exciting development for the benefit of our pupils and teachers.
It’s great that such an exciting and unique opportunity to push the boundaries and to create classrooms without walls is at last coming to fruition.