I was so pleased to read this report about training for support staff. Classroom Assistants, Auxiliaries and other support staff do such a fantastic job for very little financial reward and sometimes not much recognition.
I have long felt it to be grossly unfair that CPD is denied them as an entitlement: a ludicrous situation when they are often interacting with the most challenging children in our schools. In the past I have known teachers who have devolved all responsibility for a child’s complex learning needs on to a poorly paid and undervalued assistant. Thankfully this rarely happens now; although these saints frequently spend many hours in the company of the most vulnerable and needy individuals with exceptional needs. Other support staff play major roles in establishing the ethos of the school at the door: the demands on their patience, people skills and organisation are at times extreme.

Let’s hope in these hard times, the promise of training is fulfilled.


The programme has been developed by the Scottish Government’s Positive Behaviour Team for local authority trainers to deliver to school support staff.
The resource is intended for use with all support staff in schools and educational establishments. This could include pupil support assistants, ASL auxiliaries, classroom assistants, office staff, support assistants and catering assistants. The programme can also be accessed for training purposes within a multi-agency context.
The training programme will have the most significant impact upon practice in schools and establishments when delivered fully as a two day programme. This helps underline the importance of whole school approaches and enables the assimilation of effective skills and strategies. However, where circumstances prevail that make this problematic, colleagues organising the training delivery have scope to make plans which best fit local needs.
Further support materials will be made available on the LTS website http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/positivebehaviour.