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What a joy it was for me to attend the Book Festival at Pencaitland School last Friday.

I was delighted to be allowed to read to the nursery children; though as it was the 3 year old contingent it was a little like herding cats. I managed to hold their (most of them) attention (most of the time) and emerged intact.

The P4’s and I just talked about books we liked. What a diverse range of reading materials. And what passion they had in defending their choices. We touched upon the interconnect between films and tv and books. Some said that they preferred to read the book first; others felt the visual medium represented something different and was equally valued.

I told them about graphic novels (such as David Almond’s ‘The Savage’ and Eoin Colfer’s “Artemis Fowl‘) and suggested they try to create their own. I am awaiting the next installment with great interest!

What a triumph for the school, my colleague Kim Bartlett in particular. Invite me back any time: reading and talking about stories is just about my favourite thing to do!

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