Once upon a time there was a little village near the top of a very steep cliff. It hadn’t always been that close to the edge, but over the years the cliff had eroded and now the children’s playing field was only a few metres away from the edge.
Mostly, the children played happily and safely, but occasionally a child would stray too close to the crumbling edge and fall to his or her death or be badly injured.
The village council decided something had to be done about this, so they called a meeting of all the villagers and put two proposals to them.
The first proposal was that the villagers should fund a state-of-the-art ambulance, manned by highly trained paramedics, to be stationed at the bottom of the cliff. If a child should fall, help would be at hand immediately.
Proposal number two advocated teaching the children about keeping safe, and moving the children’s play area away from the cliff edge and building a strong fence around it.

Could we tell a similar story about support for learning?

(With thanks to Robert E. Slavin)