John Connell has tagged me, asking me to participate in some end of year frivolity: listing 7 things about myself others might not know. As a blogging new comer I like the idea of learning more about others that you won’t always get from the perhaps more serious posts that arise during the rest of the year.

So here goes: 

1. In my 2nd visit to the hospital in Venice I was rushed there by speedboat across the lagoon.

2. I took my broken arm by vaporetto on my 1st visit, 30 years before when I was studying there for 3 months.

3. I am learning belly dancing. 

4. My family was held up at gun point at Lisbon airport. We were on a cycling holiday – our tandems were in the hold. Pedals and pumps in rucksacks appear remarkably like machine guns in the security area!

5. I studied History at the university of South Carolina. One course was entitled the War of Northern Aggression, otherwise known as The Civil War.

6. I make a great rhubarb crumble.

7. While hitching across North Africa my companion was tempted to trade me for a couple of camels! But fortunately didn’t.

So here are 7 others who could take up the baton:

Andrew Brown

Laurie O’Donnell

Lynne Lewis

David Gilmour

Barry Smith

Anne Johnstone

Bill Boyd

Happy New Year!