Sometimes I become frustrated with my job but I am an optimistic soul and can generally find something to be positive about.

This morning as I travelled to work, there was a slight sprinkling of snow on the hills illuminated by glorious sunshine. As I drove from one school to another (to another and then another) I delighted in the vista and was glad to have the privilege of working in such a beautiful environment.

At lunch time I ate my sandwich overlooking the sea. What more could anyone desire?

I started the day at a small primary school teaching a 12 year old how to speed read. I’ll be there very morning for 10 days for 20 minutes. I rushed over the hills to a larger primary to attend a couple of Staged Assessment and Intervention meetings with parents and other professionals. I then fitted it an S5 group of learners panicking about revising for their exams before eating my solitary lunch in the car.

This afternoon I have been using Clicker 5 to write about Mary Queen of Scots with some 8 year olds and now am off to discuss a transition to high school programme for young people with dyslexia.

It’s not so bad!