The GTC has provided guidance on the structure and nature of what could constitute appropriate additional specialised knowledge, understanding and skills required of teachers to enable them to meet the specific additional support needs of pupils with dyslexia .

In meeting the needs of these pupils, and in reaching the level of expertise required by the competence, account has to be taken both of the core characteristics of dyslexia as well as the personal profile of each individual child and young person with dyslexia.

Teachers should be able to demonstrate, through their application of knowledge, understanding and skills:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of dyslexia
  • Multi-agency partnership working
  • Assessment
  • Language and communication
  • Social understanding
  • Medical / disability related knowledge
  • Specialised technology/aids
  • Specific legislation & policy
  • Teaching and learning

It’s heartening to see that in Scotland recognition and accreditation is given not only to the existence of dyslexia, but also to the considerable knowledge, skills and inderstanding required to support learners in schools.