Understanding is …
Being able to carry out a variety of actions or ‘performances’ that show one’s grasp of a topic and at the same time advance it.
It is being able to take knowledge and use it in different ways. David Perkins

I understand how to teach reading
How do I know? I can:

 describe the processes involved in learning to read
 tell others about different models/theories about the acquisition of literacy
 analyse these models and theories and decide which fits with my experience
 synthesise this knowledge and understanding into my own model, with metacognition at the core
 use this knowledge and understanding to enable young learners with dyslexia to read and spell
 evaluate resources
 synthesise these evaluations so as to choose – and help others choose – appropriate resources for learners
 assess children’s strengths and areas for development
 create resources in response to children’s needs.

What helped me understand?

 30 years’ teaching experience
 evaluation of practice – mine and colleagues
 reading and research
 writing an M.Phil dissertation on metacognition and the acquisition of literacy
 discussion with colleagues and children
 trail and error
 teaching teachers about Dyslexia
 thinking about my own reading skills.


 successful readers
 empowered colleagues – fewer requests for support
 flexibility and creativity about finding solutions to specific difficulties.