While on holiday I tend to read relaxing novels rather than challenging texts. However, last week I ran out of books in a small chalet half way up a French mountain. Quelle Horreur!
In desperation I turned my attention to the highbrow literature brought by my 2 sons. I had resigned myself to their skiing superiority before they reached puberty but it is somewhat unnerving when your little boys understand bigger words and bigger concepts than you do. (And to see grey in their beards nearly sent me into a decline!)
Anyway, I read L’s ‘Le Monde diplomatique’ (he let me read the English version) and found this wonderful poem about the current situation in the Middle East:
it is not a crime

it is not a crime
to force people
into a house
and shell it

not a crime
to shoot doctors
trying to reach
covered in blood
near slaughtered parents

when the seeds planted
by bullets shells bombs
flower and
produce pods
incandescent as phosphorus

when they explode
roaring defiance

that will be the crime.

Amin Kassam is a poet from Kenya.

This meant more to me than the erudite articles about the political and moral arguments, important as it is to understand them.