Karen-Ann MacAlpine wrote this blurb about the work she has been supporting me in to create a Glow group.

Spent a great morning with Hilery Williams recently looking at setting up a Glow Group across East Lothian for the Dyslexia Support Service there. Hilery has great ideas for building links for staff and encouraging their collaboration. It will be a great way for her to publicise the service further. The service provides:

• Consultation with class/subject and support for learning teachers
• Training for staff
• Advice on identification and assessment
• Advice on appropriate strategies, programmes and resources
• Small group/individual tuition where appropriate
• Advice and support for pupils in transition

The Glow Group will allow teachers to download information, find out about current research and initiatives and take part in discussions with each other across the authority. Current thinking from Hilery is that the Glow Group will be divided up into the following sections:

• DSS Info
• Resources
• Dyslexia Friendly Schools’ Pledge
• Dyslexia at Transition
• Dyslexia Forum

If you’re in East Lothian watch out for this super Glow Group appearing in the next month or so and hopefully we can persuade Hilery to agree to share this at a National Level.

Next I need to learn how to make a screenshot. Onward and upward.