Here Tina Stevens wrote about the Julia Donaldson experience:

On 24 February I was lucky enought to be invited along to Lairdsland primary where Julia Donaldson – author of many children’s books including ‘the Gruffalo’ – was visiting. Julia had been invited as part of a project set up by Anne Louise Nicholson of St. James’s primary school in Renfrewshire and Tina Stevens from LTS .

The project involved children from Renfrewshire, East Lothian and East Dunbartonshire joining together to work on a whole range of activities based around some of Julia’s books.

The 5 schools got together through GLOW meet and each school performed part of “The Smartest Giant in Town” for each other as a puppet show.

After reading “Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book”, each of the 5 schools investigated a genre that features in the book and during another GLOW meet session told the other schools all about their genre.

The children also took part in ‘The Book Factor’ where they chose their favourite Julia Donaldson book. The winner was ‘Stickman’ and this was the story that Julia read during her visit after receiving her certificate from the children.

As well as reading Julia answered questions and also got the children to sing along to a new song ‘Funny Face’ where they got to make lots of funny faces at one another!

Julia was wonderful with all of the children and used the Glow technology to engage with as many of them as possible during her visit.

It was a fantastic morning and my thanks go to Anne Louise and Laura for their invitation.