I’ve just discovered Addictionary 



entercationby m8ri noun, educating in the guise of entertainment.
intelligent behind by eatyerpeas noun, 1. Anyone who rejects science 2. Where education in the US will be should Intelligent Design be taught in schools.
edumakated by annabelle Forster adjective, to be thoroughly ruined by education
Academentia by bergirl37 noun, The craziness of advanced education..

    dadagoguery by specfleming noun, Demagoguery that doesn’t even make sense based on its own principles.

    reprehensative by Fred Wolter noun, A member of the lower house of Congress; should be capitalized when used as a title.

    tonitude by Ronald noun, The tone of voice that you use has an attitud

    puggernaut by Steve noun, A small dog that destroys everything in its path and simply cannot be stopped.

    nagivator by kristin noun, The person in charge of reading the map/directions and telling the driver which way to go and “how” they should go about executing said directions.

    Santatized by fishman2 adjective, To convince a child to change their behavior because Santa is watching.

    apatheist by Gospel noun, A person who fails to care about the existence of God.

    photox by Jeffry Pilcher noun, Using Photoshop to clone out wrinkles, blemishes and other imperfections.

    Feng Shwii by twloehfelm noun, The rearrangement of your living room furniture to remove obstacles that would otherwise interfere with your Nintendo Wii game playing experience.