Here is a terrific development,  The LHS Audio Revision Project, which uses digital technologies to support youngsters’ exam preparation in Lochaber:
A dedicated team of volunteer narrators from Dyslexia Lochaber and the SFL Teacher undertook the task of organizing and recording revision materials en masse for Higher and Standard Grade subjects.
Podcasts and a new
online website were created and an information session was held in Dec 2008 for staff.
The audio files are also available on the school’s curriculum network so pupils have the option of listening immediately during study time, downloading to their USB pens, mp3 players or burning to CDs for listening to while on the move.

The initial development of this project was to provide support for those with additional needs but the end result is a new and innovative service improving the learning opportunities in and out of the classroom for all Lochaber High School pupils.

This latter point is most significant I think for what constitutes good learning for those with dyslexia and other difficulties constitutes good learning for all.

Thanks to David Gilmour for the link.