I tend to respond enthusiastically to requests to talk about my job and don’t often regret it. However, I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew this time (and I’ve had a good lesson in what it’s like to have specific learning difficulties).

Last week I agreed to speak at a TeachMeet this Thursday evening (when I could be at a book group or watching the amassed, naked-apart-from-woad,  pagans celebrating the Beltane Festival).

It’s billed thus:

“Live CPD, enjoyed and engaged with from the comfort of your home”

and it’s for educators with an interest in the learning of pupils with ‘additional support needs’ or ‘special educational needs’.

I don’t know whether my somewhat primitive set up at home can cope – let alone me. I just have one of those awful dongles as I’m renting at the moment. It’s incredibly unreliable so I might not even be able to access the internet when I need to. In addition, I haven’t got a web cam and am not entirely sure my 5 year old Mac G4 has an inbuilt microphone.

So why am I writing instead of preparing? Sheer panic, dear reader.

Lovely Lynne Lewis will try to rush to my rescue tomorrow and – serendipidity – one of my children happens to be in the neighbourhood. He’s well past the teenage years (chronologically anyway) but knows an awful lot more than I do about this pesky technology stuff.

I found this YouTube clip that says it all (just add on a few years and it’s me!)