Teach MeetA couple of weeks ago I participated in a TeachMeet session online and expressed anxiety here about how I would cope.

As it happened it went surprisingly well. The other contributors were terrific though I need to re-visit their talks as I was rather too concerned with my own performance!

I worried that my Powerpoint presentation might not be available but managed to put it on Slideshare; the webcam and microphone worked and – amazingly-  I think I kept within the 7 minutes allocated to me. I talked about a presentation I show to young people about dyslexia.

I was exceedingly proud that I’d learnt how to make a screenshot (above; only on the Mac but it’s a start). What a shame that I omitted to put my light on while recording. So it seems as if I’m speaking from the bottom of a very deep well (although I’m assured that on the night my voice could be heard, unlike in the recording. I’m glad it’s hard to hear: I hadn’t realised how like a demented Delia Smith I sound.)

Hey ho. I’m learning.