The BBC reports that hundreds of children and their parents are set to gather to mark the 10th birthday of Bookstart in Scotland.
Bookstart, the national baby book-gifting scheme, was launched in Scotland in 1999 and has given away more than two million books.

Babies, toddlers and their parents have been invited to Storybook Glen on the outskirts of Aberdeen.
Caroline McLeod, of Bookstart in Scotland, said: “It has made a decisive difference to children’s lives.”
The party will include appearances from the Bookstart Bear and popular book character the Gruffalo.


The Scottish Government has announced that teachers with specialist skills in early childhood education are to be created in Scotland by new courses which begin after the summer.

The courses will provide specific training in early education so that graduate teachers can best meet the needs of younger children in nursery and early primary.
The Scottish Government is committing over £150,000 to pilot a postgraduate degree in early education for teachers at the University of Aberdeen and over £60,000 to the University of Stirling to develop a primary teaching degree with an early years specialism.
Children’s Minister Adam Ingram made the announcement at an Early Years Framework conference in Edinburgh this week.