I was wondering around some  bleak, barren industrial complex in one of the outer circles of  Edinburgh the other day while my car was being serviced. I happened upon a small shopping precinct and, such was my boredom and need for warmth and stimulation, I ventured in. (I’m not much of a shopper).  I looked in a desultory fashion at various pieces of electonic equipment, avoiding the hoovers and dishwashers (I’m not much of a domestic goddess either).

I had a play with some of the laptops and fended off a couple of salesmen 10 times more bored than I on a wet Friday afternoon.

Then I noticed some notebooks, in particular the Asus EEE PC, and became very interested. Now I guess it may have been the desire in my eyes that caused the attention; or maybe it was just that these notebooks elicit a more emotional response than other computers (even Macs) but I found myself in earnest conversation with first one then another (male) customer.

Both extolled the virtues of these tiny things, said to be ‘easy to learn, work and play with’, and with wonderful connectivity (don’t get me started on  my 3 mobile connection. Only 6 months of the contract to endure). I learned a lot. I’ll treat myself to one some day.

Shame I wasn’t on the look out for a date! Asus EEE PC