At this stage of the year – especially in these unprecedented temperatures – it’s hard to enthuse about policy documents. I count myself very fortunate that I only have to study in depth a few of the papers in the large Curriculum for Excellence folder that thumped on my desk this week unlike my class teaching primary colleagues. Health and Well being, Literacy and Numeracy across Learning and Literacy and English will be my bed-time companions over the holidays (or maybe not).

It is a pleasure to see the prominence given to Enjoyment and Choice as a central component in the experiences and outcomes. It is at least a nod towards the importance of the emotions in learning and teaching.

 We must never lose sight of the significant philosophy enshrined in the Plowden Report so many years ago: to care tenderly for individuals and yet retain sufficient detachment to assess what they are achieving and how they are developing.

 The importance of such words when referring to children cannot be overstated. Let’s remember while we try to forge this new era in education.

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