I wanted to flag up – if only as a reminder to myself to read this when I’m less brain dead at the end of term:

A new report I have not yet had a chance to read yet, is the outcome of a task which focused on attainment in the technologies in primary schools. Inspectors visited a sample of primary schools across Scottish education authorities in 2008. The sample classes included children at the early, middle and upper stages. Schools reported that they had benefited from the constructive oral feedback and pointers for improvement during the visits.

This report links with the recent publication Technical Education: a report of current practice in Scottish schools (HMIE 2008) . A similar set of visits was undertaken with a focus on information and communications technologies (ICT). When the report on these ICT visits is published on the HMIE website later this year, it should be used in conjunction with the findings in this report on technologies to take forward practice and to improve children’s learning experiences.