I’m uncoordinated and hard of hearing; I get dizzy easily and need time to distinguish my left from my right. I’ve taken up salsa dancing.

How unfortunate that my teacher doesn’t have a good understanding of how to teach! He is a fine dancer although he looks more like MacKenzie Crook than Che Guevara. macHe appears to be more interested in displaying his expertise than in ensuring we get the basics. He dances with his back to us and expects us to pick up the steps with the minimum of oral instruction. He introduces new moves before the first ones are consolidated. When he does give direction the music is so loud I can’t process what I’ve heard before he’s on to the next thing.

He frequently shows us something new at 7.56 (yes I do watch the clock) just when I’m anticipating going home and putting my feet up. Some of the class seem to get it (thereby increasing my own ineptitude as I compare myself to them) but there are several of us who are clearly struggling. I’m the worst though.

At times he deigns to take a partner and twirl her around declaring how easy it is and laughing when we stumble. He makes a joke of the fact that he can’t say which is his right or left foot. It’s completely instinctive for him and he cannot grasp that others learn in different ways. He fails to understand that the only way I at least can learn is to verbalise directions.

I had a maths teacher like that once. And I can’t add up either.

I’ll continue to go. I need the exercise and I do enjoy the achievement when I manage to turn around without falling over. I love the music and have ambitions to go to Cuba once in my life.

And it’s good to be reminded of how many young people – who, unlike me,  are not volunteers – experience learning.

But it’s great to be home!