At the launch of the revised Standard for Chartered Teachers at the end of September, Keith Brown, Minister for Schools and Skills, said:

‘Chartered Teachers have much to offer in Scotland’s schools, therefore I am delighted that the Standard for Chartered Teacher has been revised and improved. The Standard has been redesigned to ensure greater natural progression in teacher development, while putting more focus on leadership qualities and skills.’

I wonder about the progression for those of us who have reached the Standard and are not dead (or retired) yet!

We have just had our 3rd in-service day this session. Once more some of the Outreach Team cobbled together our own form of professional development and a fine time was had by all in the very attractive surroundings of the Linton Hotel. The 4 of us have a combined experience of, ooh, about 120 years and are either Chartered Teachers already or well on the way.

It is frustrating to be marginalised (unintentionally I’m sure) from regional up-dates on Curriculum for Excellence and other issues but without a centrally held data base of what’s being offered those of us not on school staff circulars frequently don’t hear of relevant CPD opportunities. We think of ourselves as some sort of secret service!

Dylan Wiliam recommends sustaining teacher learning through communities of interest and he claims that ‘The big factor in improving learning and teaching in schools is the quality of the teacher’.

CPD Needs

We have demonstrated our commitment but I am unclear about how the ’continuous improvement of practice’ takes place for those of us who have fulfilled the Standards and are still wanting to learn and ‘focus on those things that make a difference’.

 CPD 1

(Taken from a presentation of Wiliam’s–so I am not responsible for typing errors!)

Each of us spent 30 minutes talking about methodologies or ideas that had inspired us recently. They ranged from practical applications of resources to applying theories to our own teaching styles. (I’ll write more detail in another post).

I think we all identified ways of working that might be more helpful and we decided to feed back to each other any progress over time, as Wiliam suggests. It is good to be part of a learning community. I only hope we are in accord with what everybody else is doing and thinking!