I had a lovely time in the civilised and pretty town of Skagen in Denmark last week. There was nothing west but sea and sky:

sunset and beach the view from the window

And not much east either. We were at the very northern tip of Jutland on a spit of land that was only 5 km wide. My header shows the triangle of sand that marks the end of the land. Next stop Norway.

HybenhusThis house was larger than most but typically yellow and neat. It was for sale. The commute would be just too long unfortunately.

cafe 2Not a Carl Larsson interior but a cafe where they plied you with as many cups of hot chocolate and cream as you could manage.

This picture of me resembles the suffragettre described as  being the same height as Kylie Minogue, with the approximate shape, density and forward momentum of a curling stane. I am not quite as spherical as it appears: it was a bit cold!

H on bike