I listen to the Today programme on Radio 4 in the mornings. I routinely get cross at the inclusion of a designated spot for religion and sport but none for culture.

Anyway, on Monday I was half aware as I drove to work of some golfer who had won some golf thing recently defending the use of a buggy to get around the course. He said he had won to his surprise, being somewhat unfit. He played as much as 5 times a week and there’s an awful lot of walking involved! He acknowledged that a sport requires stamina and fitness as well as skill but seemed a little unconvinced. He sounded a bit like some of the learners (adults and children) I know who whinge about putting in effort.

Why don’t they just make the bats and holes bigger if it’s so hard?
I’ve heard that playing a round of golf is equivalent in terms of physical benefit to playing a round of Canasta. But I may have made that up.

Just watch Michael Jordan talking about how he has failed ‘over and over and over again’ in his life. ‘And that is why I succeed’!

A lesson for us all – even those with no interest in sport.

PS I know they’re called clubs. It was a joke.