An online report tells of  Sir Jackie Stewart, one of the most high-profile figures in the UK to suffer [sic] from dyslexia, who has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of the condition. Sir Jackie visited Saughton Prison recently to promote interest in courses to enable people leaving prison to cope in the outside world.

He said, As a dyslexic, I have no ability to even fill in a drivers’ license form – I just can’t do it. Nowadays you need to fill out a form to get any job, and these prisoners are learning to do that and are progressing very well.

Sir Jackie has been an indefatigable  campaigner for dyslexia awareness in Scotland and elsewhere. He sometimes appears not to have grasped that we generally have a much better understanding of and provision for learners with dyslexia now than when he was at school (he recently had his 70th birthday) but his heart and his energy are in the right place.

I wonder if his charity work cancels out the enormous negative impact on the environment motor racing produces? Probably not.

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 I have just returned from a weekend at the Bradford Festival of Political Song, Raise your Banners. One of the songs our group sang was a spoof of ‘Daisy, Daisy’. Dasiy had refused the prososal, singing:

Michael, Michael. Here’s your answer dear.

I can’t cycle, it makes me feel so queer.

If you can’t afford a carriage, put off the bloomin’ marriage

I’ll be blowed if I’ll be towed On a bicycle built for two.

To which we replied:

Daisy, Daisy, bicycling’s good for you.

Driving’s crazy, cars spew out c02.

We know we should not disparage, an elegant motor carriage.

But take a hike or ride a bike

The environment will love you!

Words by The Raging Grannies