One of my personal development aims this session is to learn more about visual literacies. I am sure that texts in traditional print form will always be used to good effect, but I know that many learners – especially but not exclusively those with literacy difficulties – can also be engaged by texts in digital form and texts that are multimodal.  As my natural method of accessing information is through print I felt a strong need to develop practical skills to support the rhetoric about 21st century learning. I am a passionate bibliophile but am also committed to the broader definition of text outlined in Curriculum for Excellence:

the medium through which ideas, experiences, opinions and information can be communicated.

I attended a course run by Peter Kingsbury at Pencaitland last week on using the software, I Can Animate.  A group of us produced the above clip. Now, it’s hardly Shaun the Sheep (one of my favourite programmes ever) but it does take aardman productions a year to make a film with 100 technicians apparently. So this, in a couple of hours starting from complete ignorance to this, is not bad. I am, truth to tell, inordinately proud of it although the good ideas and construction were achieved by the others in the team. My contribution was to click on the camera icon multiple times and make the titles and credits. I’ll work up to more creative stuff.

Many thanks to Peter for his gentle introduction. Now I just have to find some pupils to practice with.