Here are some books about Dyslexia I found reviewed on the World of Dyslexia site. I haven’t looked at them myself so am not necessarily recommending them. I’d be glad if anyone who has read them could let us know what they think.


dyslexia_wonders_bookDyslexia Wonders

Written by 12-year-old Jennifer Smith, Dyslexia Wonders reveals the daily struggles of a child plagued by dyslexia.
Happy-go-lucky until she entered Kindergarten, Jennifer seemed like the other bright children her age. She was energetic, curious and talkative. But when it came time to learn the ABCs, to read or to tie her shoes, Jennifer couldn’t comprehend and her world began to slowly collapse.
As time passed, it became clear to her that she was indeed different from her classmates. She felt alone, afraid and stupid; but most of all, she was ashamed of herself for not being able to learn.

Arabic Dyslexia MagazineArabic Books About Dyslexia

A useful range of magazines and books about dyslexia provided by the Kuwait Dyslexia Association.

Dyslexia: How Would I Cope?Dyslexia: How Would I Cope?

hh “A truly inspiring book written from the author’s own experiences of dyslexia and how he overcame many challenges to become a successful adult.
This book gives an overview of many of the problems faced by the dyslexic person and how to overcome these and the prejudices of others.
Michael gives examples of how he has felt and how written text can appear; the examples he gives are an amazing way for non-dyslexic people to be able to see first hand what it is like to have this condition.
An excellent book for those of us who want to learn how it feels to have dyslexia and how we can help those with this hidden disability.
Michael is very positive in his approach and gives wonderful encouragement to anyone who is finding coping with dyslexia difficult.”

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