The Addictionary Word of the Day for Friday, December 18th, 2009 is:

 O Tannenbum  Holiday carolling wearing nothing but a smile.

And here’s a version for these days of gloabalisation:

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

With piles of gifts we love to see

Beneath the branches they’re displayed,

I hope that they are all Fair Trade!

Don’t buy these games and Teddy bears

Unless the Fair Trade label’s there.

Go tell your friends and family

To shop in solidarity.


Oh Christmas Tree with gifts so grand

Were any made by children’s hands?

A Christmas bargain’s not so nice

If sweatshop workers paid the price.

Consumers, let’s all use our clout

It’s time to get the message out.

The greatest gift beneath our tree

Is Fair Trade solidarity!

Only 6 more sleeps.