The Railway walk in Haddington

Who needs to go to school when you have Glow says an article in last Friday’s TES

Freezing temperatures, coupled with heavy snow, have prevented some pupils and staff in the north of Scotland getting to school.

But thanks to Glow, the schools’ digital intranet, learning is continuing for hundreds of youngsters.

The roads in some parts of Aberdeenshire have been impassable and the ice treacherous, says Anna Rossvoll, a Curriculum for Excellence officer responsible for implementing Glow in the authority. Mrs Rossvoll lives on a farm near Oldmeldrum, which is just minutes by car from her office at Inverurie High.

Hmmm. I spent 40 minutes making a 15 minute journey to work last week when the children were out. And was then sent home again. I only wished I had uploaded more of my documents on to Glow or Google Apps so that I could have worked there or in a school closer to home  Note to self: get organised!

The River Tyne – now the path is under water as the river has burst its banks. I’ve just had to curtail my walk.

Thanks to David Gilmour (is there no end to his talents?) for the photos.