How can you be a …

  • Successful Learner … if you can’t access text?
  • Confident individual … if you depend on others to read to or write for you?
  • Responsible Citizen … if you don’t have access to information?
  • An Effective Contributor … if you can’t find out what’s going on in your community or in the world at large?

With this in mind, I encouraged teachers to install WordTalk as soon as possible at the TeachMeet at the Sea Bird Centre in East Lothian – a fabulous venue by the way even though it was too dark to take advantage of the views.

Although it’s very easy I thought I would post up this short guide to getting going.

Using WordTalk  once it has been installed.

 1. Activate WordTalk 

a)                      b)   



  1.  Open a Word Document. You should see the Toolbar with the yellow icons at the top left hand corner.

NB Every individual will need to activate WordTalk on her/his own server.



 3. Using WordTalk








4. Spell checker 



Spellings and synonyms can be read aloud. Use the arrow keys to scroll down.

 5. Click on the Tool (Configure) to change the speech, its speed and volume.

 6. To make keyboard shortcuts available use the Configure tool.










Look at WordTalk for more information or visit the CALL Centre. Or for more detail on installing look at  Paul Hamilton’s terrific guide.