The Scottish Government announces that a strong future for Scottish literature has been mapped out in a report published on 12 February.

Ministers asked the Literature Working Group, chaired by Rosemary Goring, to bring forward practical and realistic recommendations to ensure literature in Scotland is able to thrive and is supported in the most appropriate way.
One of the report’s key recommendations is the establishment of a Scottish academy for literature designed to acknowledge and celebrate Scotland’s best writers, poets and novelists across all genres.
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My son’s book will be published next spring and so I have a particular and personal interest in anything that will help Scottish literature thrive.

Here is a very well-known author commenting on the final draft of his novel, set partly in Gullane and Edinburgh, partly in Nigeria:

I think your novel is many things : here are some of them: original, brilliant, wonderful, inconceivable.  It gives a reader new ears.  It out-histories history.   I think it is what novels are for.  I am so glad you wrote it.
It is tremendous.

Forgive me, my boy. I am one proud mum. Just wait until I have it in my hands. There’ll be rejoicing in the streets!