I am going on some training later today to learn about how to create an online course (using http://www.udutu.com/ apparently).

We have been asked to have materials ready so that the exercise is not entirely theoretical. So far, so good.

However, unless we are in the ranks of the exalted few who have been provided with a pendrive from IT, we are asked to bring our resources on – wait for it – a CD. Woe betide anyone who attempts to smuggle in a pendrive of her own! This is, to remind you, about online courses.

However, there are no facilities to copy documents on to a CD at work. I wouldn’t know where to start if there were. What kind of CD? While creating a 2 hour movie recently I found myself driving to Asda on more than one occasion at 3 in the morning to purchase yet another type of disc only to realise that it fulfilled some obscure purpose for which I had no need. (This is not as obsessive as it sounds: the movie was for a birthday and there was a time constraint). Would I have to go through the same rigmarole? (If anyone wants piles of blank DVDs you only have to ask). Oh, where are my kids when I need them most?

I am no techie (this must be obvious) but I idly wondered whether putting my content on to Google Apps might not be a sensible method of transferring information from my computer in my office to the one at the training centre (which is, by the way, within the region, about, ooh, 3 miles from the office).

But no. This was a step too far. (Did I mention that this is a training course to learn how to make online courses? For people to learn at a distance? Using the internet? Online?)

We have reached a compromise. I have emailed my documents (in several batches so as not to confuse the system) to myself so that I may access them during the course.

How bizarre (and clunky) is this?