The BBC reports that a girl of ten has just landed a five-figure contract for a design to combat smoking. 

The bright spark’s key fob shows a plastic set of lungs blackened with the tar from just four packets of cigarettes.

‘I am really excited that lots of people will see them and I hope it puts them off smoking for life,’ she said.

‘My great-grandma died from smoking and I think it’s horrible. It smells nasty and it’s bad for you.’

Her dream of marketing the idea became a reality after she spent £34 on having a prototype created in China. She sent it to anti-smoking consultancy, Gasp, which placed an order for 25,000 keyrings worth £12,000.

Megan Ward, from Surrey, is a learner with dyslexia. Her mother, Paula, 37, said her little girl ‘more than compensates with her inventiveness’.

Yet another famous dyslexic inventor in the making.