Here is an interesting news item found on the blog, Anguished Repose. It is from a report in the `Mail Online’, NOT the most reputable source I would guess. However, Rod Nicolson is highly respected, not least because he is the author of the Dyslexia Screening Tests (along with fellow academic, Angela Fawcett) so many of us use to help assess for dyslexia.

It certainly sounds like an interesting research question, which makes abundant sense to me.

Professor Rod Nicolson, head of work psychology at the University of Sheffield, has been studying dyslexia for many years and was inspired to investigate internal speech…. He believes he has found a link between lack of inner speech and poor reading ability.

‘Children start off having to say every word out loud,’ he says. ‘At some stage, as their reading improves, so does their ability to sight-read [to read in their heads] and that is the stage at which reading really takes off.

By the age of eight or nine, most children can read in their heads. The development of the inner voice seems to be automatic for most people, but our data suggests a link with fluent reading, in that the process of learning to sight-read actually helps inner-speech develop.