I am not, believe me, a regular reader of Business Insider, but my sons (good Marxists both) do check out the opposition occasionally. They drew my attention to the above Chart of the Day (14th April).

Writing about this Morgan Stanley chart on his blog, mega-VC Fred Wilson writes:

“Even though I’ve been saying for years that social networking will one day usurp email, it’s a bit shocking to see that it has.

But even so, it looks like email’s reign as the king of communication is ending and social networking is now supreme.

There are some caveats. My kids use Facebook as their primary inbox (they also use gmail). So some of what they do on Facebook is actually email”.

We teachers need constantly to be aware of the world that our youngsters inhabit outwith school. Of course, most ‘Facebooking’ centres on leisure activities but the notion of collaborative thinking is a natural and intrinsic way of learning too. We need to take heed. The facilities offered in Glow for example will enable us to move beyond ‘group work’ in individual classrooms (where it exists) to wider communication between learners across Scotland.