An ‘out of this world’ way to understand pupil council research findings is to be released this week.

Children in Scotland announces that every school in Scotland will receive copies of an innovative comic book this week that shares the findings of Having a Say at School (HASAS), the largest Scottish study of pupil councils ever undertaken, conducted by Children in Scotland and the University of Edinburgh.

An alien starship crew has been enlisted to communicate new research findings on pupil councils to children and young people across Scotland. A cartoon format answers the question of how to communicate relevant but dry facts and research findings to primary and secondary school pupils in an engaging way through a team from the planet Didactica, who arrive in Scotland to study democracy in other worlds. The alien crew highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the pupil councils they find and what the councils need – including two-way communication, the right tools and enough time – to make sure they can work properly.

Jonathan Sher, Children in Scotland’s Director of Research, said:

Too often, the results of research done about students is not shared with them. And when it is, it tends to be boring and therefore ignored. We created this comic book because we are keen for students to enjoy the experience of learning the lessons from Having a Say at School.

What an innovative and interesting way to include youngsters.