I came across a great blog called Dudes with Dyslexia written by a 10 year old (and his sister) called Harry. It contains an awful lot of interesting and useful information, including video clips like the one above. I have been thinking for a while I would like to encourage some of our students here in East Lothian to create a blog putting thier own experiences and ideas out there. This may well be on the plan for next session now I’ve had the incentive from Harry. 

Here is his Home Page:

Yo ! my names Harry i am ten years old & i am Dyslexic. I know there must be other Dudes out there just like me. Often other kids, adults & even teachers find it difficult to understand what Dyslexia is & this makes it really hard for us. Me & my sister came up with the idea for this website as we wanted to put helpful stuff on here for Dyslexic dudes & anyone else who wants to find out about Dyslexia from a dude with Dyslexia!! Click on the links above this will take you to the other pages we’ve added some amazing video’s  and a “school survival guide”. On this page you can find out what i have been up to raise awareness of Dyslexic dudes like me!!