Sean Yeaton has flagged up this video about a new way of looking at text that might be available at some point – perhaps already is. It uses eye tracking hardware combined with JavaScript apparently. It’s a bit creepy for a machine to be so attuned to one’s eye movements and hence one’s very processing of text. However, it could could have great potential for people with dyslexia. 

Sean writes:

Imagine this – what if your book really knew what you were gazing at.

In the future when someone is like, “I can’t describe what I’m thinking in words,” you’ll have the option to not accept that excuse.

Another potentially insane feature of this weird magic is the ability for pre-written text to predict what you want to read if you’re reading other content that you haven’t thought into fruition.

Beyond having a bookmark appear automatically if you glance away from a page, reading certain words will trigger footnotes to appear as well as definitions, translations and animations; unimportant words will also fade out while you’re glossing over text.

My brain hurts. Maybe it won’t be around in schools until I retire then I won’t have to learn how to use it! I enjoy finding out about all this new technology but sometimes I have to recognise that I just can’t keep up.