Many congratulations are in order for Yester Primary School which is the first in the region to be recognised as a Dyslexia Friendly School. The school is an example of excellent practice in terms of raising awareness of, and making appropriate provision for, the needs of learners with dyslexia. A key element was the emphasis on the fact that dyslexia friendly strategies and teaching approaches are also good for all learners.

Areas of strength for development were identified using an audit tool that I devised after studying the BDA guidance (that doesn’t pertain to Scotland). Under the leadership of Lesley Cusack, SfL teacher, areas for focus were prioritised. All staff, including support staff, were involved in several CPD sessions, and a group of P7 pupils prepared and presented a lively and informative assembly for the whole school. Parents were also invited to participate and an awareness raising evening is planned for next session during Dyslexia Awareness Week.

The process will not end here: Yester will continue to develop knowledge and understanding about dyslexia with the strong, committed leadership of Lesley Cusack (and any support I can offer).

Well done Lesley and well done Yester!