In ‘Rapconteur‘, Baba Brinkman serves up comedic retellings of ‘Beowulf’, ‘Gilgamesh’, ‘Kalevala’ and  a little Chaucer. An academic, Brinkman translates epic tales into hip-hop marvellously well. His fluent and speedy renditions are interspersed with information about the poems he bases his raps on and the nature of storytelling in times when story tellers held sway.

He ends his re-telling of Beowulf (the audience agrees the film should not be mentioned) at Grendel’s demise. To find out more we must ‘read, read, read’ the text (preferably Seamus Heaney’s translation).Beowulf: A New Translation

I can only agree with the critics: ‘Brinkman is an excellent performer, combining the boyish energy of a rapper with the clever wit of a comedian’. ‘Brilliantly done; with unflagging energy and prodigious verbal skill’.

And it’s free at the Caberet Voltaire.