Here’s an interview with Uma Thurman about her role in the film, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief which features a boy with dyslexia.

The film has an interesting take on learning disabilities. What do you think of the theme of a boy who becomes a very unlikely hero?

I think it is great because I have a daughter who’s dyslexic and I was dyslexic myself. And as many times as people say, “You have other gifts. For every problem God gives you, he gives you a problem solving skill”, it is always difficult. This is a very empowering idea for children and is a subject very close to me.

It must have been hard for you?

It was. I was born in 1970 and when I grew up there wasn’t a lot of understanding about being dyslexic. You were just considered stupid and the frustration and pain of hearing, listening, knowing, feeling and getting it but not being able to do it the way others are doing it and being labelled stupid can give you a pretty serious complex which follows you all the way through your education. It is a wonderful thing today that it’s recognised much earlier.

Thanks to Dyslexic Advantage for the link.