Here is a delightful vlog from mochabeaniemummy about playing and learning with The Land of Me , the’magical, interactive learning experience for adventurers aged 2 – 6′.

She  says that:

multimedia and IT is the way our children are moving forwards. I still love traditional storybooks, don’t get me wrong. The Smalls have more books than I do, they’re EVERYWHERE. But this somehow seems to improve on the storybook and importantly, the kids learn a lot and ENJOY IT in the process. As an ex-teacher myself, the most important thing was that learning be made fun.

I gave the software to our littlest grandchild for Christmas but haven’t taken a real look at it yet with her. It’s high on my ‘to do’ list.

Mochbeaniemummy’s review appears in the same week as the news that The Land of Me won the Mumsnet Best Award in the Entertainment category (video game) for a second year running.

A resource well worth exploring for children in the early years.