I made my own wee story on the terrific free storytelling site, Storybird, to show my Inanimate Alice group tomorrow.

I used the free pictures under the tab, Alone, to write the story so I can’t claim it to be a very imaginative work of great literary merit. All the work was done by the artist, Nidhi Chanani.

And there’s little ‘multi -media’ about it either: just a story book that happens to be online. However, I think it may be a useful starter for the kids to contemplate more realistically the scary process of beginning to write. We shall, of course look at other episodes created across the world to help us on our way.

My ambition to support the creation of a multi-modal text may be too much at this stage. I think we will have to accept that publishing a story such as this one is okay.  Adding speech, music, video can be another project.

Oh that blasted Mindset that demands perfection!

And I’ve had a day off with a sore head. So I’ll go and relax now.