The mother of a child with ‘Global Developmental Delay’ describes the impact of the iPad on her child’s learning:

In the 4 weeks Aleyna has had her own “pewter” she can do things she hasn’t been able to do in a whole year at school…

The iPad enables her to navigate around the touchscreen by herself without the need for a fiddly mouse and arrow control.  As a result she can now choose her games and stories.  And it is those stories that are making such a difference to her life.  We have downloaded a tranche of interactive stories, with “press me” points bringing them to life, whilst a narrator simply reads, highlighting the words.  Aleyna can’t read but loves books.  This is a magical way for her to enjoy them.

Patience is not one of Aleyna’s strong points and the glory of the iPad is the speed at which she can switch it on and immediately connect to an app.  No loading, no waiting = no meltdown.

One last little golden nugget is the 10 hour battery life – I will not go so far as to say road trips are now enjoyable, but the improvement is magnificent.

Pixie’s mum gives an extensive  list of top apps, some free, some paid for, especially for children with special needs. Well worth checking out.