There’s that or there’s this:

Royal Waddin

Tune: Mhairi’s Wedding – trad.; new words – Jane Lewis


Sing a song of cuts and woe

Empty pooches in a row

The Chancellor’s collectin dough

Cutting as he’s able.

1. Students greetin in the street

Aye they cannae mak ends meet.

Get them oot frae unner oor feet

Fae the Royal Waddin.

2. Pledges fallin all aboot

Cooncil workers gien the boot.

Dinnae mind yer losin oot

There’s still a Royal Waddin.

3. Bankers sailin high and dry

You can mak it if you try.

Aye poor folk cud een apply

Fir the Royal Waddin.

4. Silk and satin, gold lame

Cameron weirs a lum hat tae.

Ma suit’s in the pawn, sae whit’ll ah dae

At the Royal Waddin?