Appropos of my post about the collaborative nature of writing in the not too distant future, here is something called

an open space within a digital book where readers share their thoughts.

  • Read.

    In our minimalistic eReader the focus is on the text, so you can listen to the author’s voice. Let his words inspire your own thinking.

  • Write.

    When a passage resonates with you, make sure you highlight it and add a note. It’s your contribution to the dialogue surrounding the book.

  • Share.

    The openmargin lies next to the text, it’s the place where the notes of all the readers are collected. Here you connect thoughtfully with readers you never met before.

I already use my Kindle when I’m reading something to which I’ll wish to refer at a later date. But that’s for my own personal use. This appears to be a more sophisticated version where others can engage in a dialogue about the content. They are claiming to ‘re-design the book’. They say,

We want to focus on the dialogue in the margin…By adding *openmargin to your software, you connect the books to an online dialogue. While you provide the reading experience in the center, we provide the reader with interactive possibilities on the side.