Decoding Dyslexia


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Pinky and the Brain

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Yesterday at the Edinburgh Science Festival I heard Sergio Della Sala’s talk, ‘The Mind is somewhere North of the Neck’. It was a reprise of the lecture I heard a couple of months ago debunking myths that influence educators about the brain and learning. Videos of Della Sala on the LT Scotland site are well worth a look, although they don’t show us the entertaining showman performing last night.

He dismisses many myths surrounding neuroscience, such as ‘claims that we use 10% of the brain, or the right hemisphere, drink buckets of water or kick your feet to stimulate the corpus callosum, or use coloured lenses to treat dyslexia’ as ludicrous and in many instances sheer charlatanism. He urges us to base any pedagogical approaches on peer reviewed research not hype and avoid ‘simplistic recipes sold by people who made a fortune…just by taking a model over simplified [sic] may produce disasters in education’.

As it’s the holidays, I’m not going to write much more – although there was much to think about – but I located the video clip of a cartoon explaining the different areas of the brain that Della Sal showed. Here it is.