Oh dear, Glow dims once more


I’ve just spent another frustrating 40 minutes trying to join a Glow Meet. Don’t get me wrong, I have an emotional attachment to Glow and would love to see it work. I did, after all, make a small contribution to the tender process way back in 2003, so I really wish it well.

I was a mentor for a while but that never really took off the ground. I have my own group which I have never made public, not knowing how to go about it. My attempts to use Glow Learn (potentially a very exciting prospect) and Glow Meets linking P7s and S1s all came to nought, largely because there was no perceived need at the other end. As a support teacher you are very dependent on class teachers to run with the ideas: can’t do it in isolation. So I rather lost the will.

Mind you, as my service will be defunct in a couple of weeks, I have decided to get as many documents and links in the region’s ASN group as possible before I depart. Let’s hope my time will not be completely wasted.

Anyway, tonight’s CDP opportunity aimed principally at supply teachers failed miserably as there was either no sound or terrible screeching despite the presenter, Margaret Orr’s best efforts. We saw her though! I am meant to be giving my presentation tomorrow evening. Let’s hope all the preparation and the effort will not be wasted this time.

I’m off to get my belated dinner!


CPD for Supply Teachers

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I sometimes (oh, all right, frequently) get cross because the needs of experienced Support for Learning teachers like me for inspiring (or just good would do) professional development are rarely met by formal in-service training.

However this gripe is as nothing compared with the lack of any sort of systematic development for those souls who populate our supply lists.

Thus it is heartening to be a part of a new initiative that aims to support supply teachers through Glow.

Read Nick Hood’s post about the GlowMeet some of us participated in this afternoon.

Join us!