Buy Nothing Day


Shop Less Live More

If you see and hear a bunch of cold but interesting people outside Harvey Nicks In Edinburgh tomorrow look out for me. We’re Protesting in Harmony for Buy Nothing Day .

It’s a day to challenge ourselves to switch off from shopping and tune into life.

Everything we buy has an impact on the environment, Buy Nothing Day highlights the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism. The developed countries – only 20% of the world population are consuming over 80% of the earth’s natural resources, causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage, and an unfair distribution of wealth.

As consumers we need to question the products we buy and challenge the companies who produce them. What are the true risks to the environment and developing countries? We all know recycling is OK for the the evironment, but consuming less is better and Buy Nothing Day is a great way to start.

 Participate by not participating!

My favourite song is to the tune of ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’ : Consume Doom, Doom, Doom; Consume Doom, Doom.


A New Politics? I wish

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Just home after Protesting in Harmony.

We sang a chant based on the teaching of the Iroqois. I think it speaks to the condition of this country at the moment:

Seven Generations hence

Is where we look to.

Seven generations hence

We need to bear in mind in all we do.

Will the earth flourish

And all her creatures?

Will the earth nourish?

Will the people thrive?

Take the long far seeing view.

Bear in mind the bigger picture

For the future of the people

And the many strands

Of the web of life.